China - Pictures

A variety of pictures covering scenery and life in China. Click on any of the pictures to see the full-size version.

You are welcome to download any of these pictures, but acknowledgement of their origin ( will be appreciated.

The photos were taken during cycling tours, and bus tours, which are organised for small groups of about 30 - 35 participants each year.

If you would like more information about the photographer, go here.

Shanghai street scene. Temple of Heaven. Yellow Crane Tower. Summer Palace Pagoda. Chengde - Tibetan Monastery.
Rock carvings of Buddha in park. Barges on Grand Canal. Great Wall of China (1). Great Wall of China (2).
Great Wall of China (panoramic). Rice paddies.
Rice paddies (panoramic). Suzhou Gardens scene (1). Suzhou Gardens scene (2). Suzhou - back street canal.
Cyclists in wedding group photo. Tang Dynasty dancers. Tea pickers. Cormorant Fisherman.
Xian City Square - Sword Fighting. Xian City Square - aerobics class. Xian City Square - ballroom dancing.
Xian city Square - drum dancers. Cyclists with loaded carts. Cyclist with grandma on chair in trolley. Elderly cyclists with market loads.
Elderly Chinese women with bound feet. Children in kindergarten. Children in kindergarten playing mandolin. Cyclists being carried in sedan chairs.

Last updated 24 May 2006.